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In today's world with its global market, multinational companies are common. A financial crisis for a corporation based in one part of the world can have severe implications for subsidiaries or affiliates incorporated or operating in the United States. Togut, Segal & Segal has extensive experience with transnational debtor representation in complex Chapter 11 cases.

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New York International Business Chapter 11 Lawyers

Examples of the transnational cases that our firm has handled include:

  • Westinghouse Electric Company LLC: Counsel to Toshiba Nuclear Energy Holdings (UK) Limited, one of the Debtors and the parent company of the international arm of Westinghouse’s global nuclear power business, in connection with the restructuring of over $9 billion in debt between Toshiba Nuclear Energy Holdings (UK) Limited and the 31 other Westinghouse Debtors.
  • Toisa, Limited.: lead counsel to the debtors, 24 international shipping companies involving 46 vessels and the restructuring of more than $1billion in liabilities.
  • SunEdison, Inc.: co-counsel to the debtors ,one of the world's leading developers of renewable-energy solutions, involving the restructuring of more than $8 billion in liabilities.
  • Aeropostale Inc.: co-counsel to the debtors, a specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories serving young men and women through more than 800 locations in the restructuring of approximately $300 million in liabilities
  • Delphi Corporation, et al.: Conflicts counsel to the debtor, the largest automotive parts supplier in the United States, with extensive international operations.
  • Olympia & York Tower B Company: Sole counsel in a case involving restructuring more than $1 billion of mortgage and other indebtedness as part of a larger global restructuring of the O & Y entities.
  • Daewoo International (America) Corp.: Sole counsel to the U.S.-based trading arm of the Korean Daewoo group of companies, which successfully underwent what was then the largest nonsovereign debt restructuring in history with aggregate liabilities exceeding $70 billion.
  • SK Global America, Inc.: Sole counsel to the debtor, the U.S.-based trading arm of what was then the third largest conglomerate in South Korea and one of the largest business enterprises in the world.
  • AbitibiBowater Inc.: Counsel for a Canadian debtor in the AbitibiBowater Group, the world's largest producer of newsprint by capacity and one of the largest publicly traded pulp and paper manufacturers worldwide, which included both U.S. and Canadian companies and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Lernout & Hauspie: Conflicts counsel for the then world leaders in the development of technologies relating to computerized speech recognition, production and language translation.
  • Axona International Credit & Commerce Ltd.: Albert Togut served as Trustee in the first transnational Chapter 7 case administered under the Bankruptcy Code.

In addition to representing U.S. Chapter 11 debtors affiliated with multinational corporations based overseas, Togut, Segal & Segal also works with U.S.-based corporations with significant foreign operations and workforces.

Reputation for Skill, Efficiency and Results in Complex Multinational Chapter 11 Cases

With 35 years of experience, Albert Togut is known within the restructuring community as one of New York's leading bankruptcy attorneys, and three of the firm's four partners are listed as Super Lawyers by New York Super Lawyers magazine. Whether your transnational Chapter 11 case presents difficult problems of asset recovery, cash collateral financing or adversary litigation, Togut, Segal & Segal is more than equal to the legal, practical and logistical challenges.

Togut, Segal & Segal can also represent the debtor and the Chapter 11 estate as conflicts counsel, special litigation counsel, and in other capacities. Our firm works with New York's and the nation's leading law firms and major corporate practices in other U.S. cities in order to assure representation of the highest quality with a constant view toward cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

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